About Us

We believe strongly in the power of education that simultaneously improves the quality of life both of individuals and the wider society.

AICE is a nonprofit organization aiming to provide innovative programs in education which promote positive lasting change on the local, regional and international level. We enable local individuals and institutions to develop key skills in such areas as quality education, integration technology for development, civic engagement, youth empowerment, gender equality, regional development. AICE employs highly professional experts in education, research, project management, human resources, online teaching and learning with extensive experience in various fields related to education and professional development. AICE aims to become a local leader in education, lifelong learning, language acquisition and assessment, and research.

Our most representative project is the iEARN-Moldova National Teacher and Student Network (iEARN-Moldova), a national branch of iEARN – International Education and Resource Network, world’s largest non-profit global network made up of over 30,000 schools and youth organizations in more than 140 countries. iEARN empowers teachers and young people to work together online using the Internet and other new communications technologies. Every year AICE experts train around 100 Moldovan teachers from various regions in order for them to engage over 1500 students in international online projects via iEARN forums. We have recently successfully coordinated the “English for Media Literacy MOOC” and “North Carolina – Moldova Service Learning School Partnership” Projects funded by US Department of State through US Embassy to Moldova.

We are currently collaborating with Novateca Global Library Network from Moldova (IREX) to design an educational online course for library users which aims to develop digital competencies of Moldovan citizens from 7 remote areas – iCAN Library Service. In September 2016 our NGO signed a collaborative agreement with Ministry of Education of Moldova and our experts have been involved in various educational projects as national trainers ever since (Project Facebook Group).

We have extensive experience in coordinating various cutting edge educational programs in the area of English Language Instruction, funded by various local and international organizations, with the involvement of over 1000 Moldovan teachers and over 3000 students from various regions around the country, such as:

iEngage: Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, US Teacher Network, one of the winners of 2015 U.S. Department of State Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund  Competition (iENGAGE-Moldova),

EFL Global Youth Service Day, organized in collaboration with Youth Service America Adobe Youth Voices Conference, a project funded by Adobe Foundation (EFL Global Youth Service Day)

English for Media Literacy MOOC Moldova Project, funded by U.S. Department of State (Project Facebook Group).


Be the leading voice for Moldovan educators, youth and young professionals interested in promoting effective education through technology and regional empowerment. Provide relevant, responsive opportunities that enhance and improve the quality of education in Moldova.


Promote the effective use of technology and web tools in education. Be a leading resource for Moldovan individuals interested in developing digital skills for the 21st century e-jobs.


Provide meaningful opportunities for member engagement, peer-to-peer learning and exchange of best educational practices on the local, national and international level. Develop and foster stronger relationships with national and international organizations of similar missions.