Olga Juravschi (Anenii Noi)

13-08-15 admin 0 comment

”It was a great experience to be part of the ”English for Media Literacy” Project. Lesson by lesson everything was very interesting and easy. I learned what media literacy is and I also understood how to analyze and interpret media messages through guided questions.


I became familiar with the two types of media: traditional and social media and how to compare these two types of media. I understood what an advertisement is and how they are used. Now I am able to recognize the ways in which the Internet has changed advertisements. I heard for the first time about BIAS and what it was. Thanks to good examples learned from the course I can identify different types of BIAS in media sources now. I became familiar with the ways in which the media portray different groups, to recognize and to be able to use different negatives. I am grateful to my facilitator, Alexandru Covtun. He is the best. All the best to all of you!!”

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