Quotes from Project Beneficiares

Tatiana Drăgan
”iEARN-Moldova community empowered the students and the teachers to get closer, to share knowledge and let them strengthen their social skills and sense of responsibility. iEARN projects reconnect schools to real life, by establishing a network of partners that enthusiastically engage with pupils and share their professional know-how. It’s a win-win situation, as pupils benefit from the workshops and Skype interaction sessions, they get access to peers different corners of the world. iEARN projects make our English lessons more creative and colouful.”

Tatiana Drăgan, Theoretical Lyceum "Mihai Eminescu", Floresti

"We've been involved in iEarn projects since September 2015 and it was a surprise to discover what a great and beneficial experience is this. All my active students are really impressed and consider participating in this very efficient and interactive. They found new friends, they are continually improving their English through communication and their project works, they have learned to create media works and found out so much information about youth from all over the world! iEarn National Student Media Conference organized by the iEARN-Moldova community in March was an amazing experience too. The representatives of my groups that took part at this event, were very impressed by the great number of students that attended and their interest in global issues, their wonderful media projects and how various they were. Such kind of events encourage the students to be active and build their self-confidence. We are very grateful to the team that organized the Conference and wish them good luck in future.

Irina Mutruc, iEARN teacher, "Ion Creanga" High School, Balti, Republic of Moldova

Irina Mutruc
Irina Mutruc
Emma Matreniuc
Emma Matreniuc
"The participation in iEARN projects left the brightest impressions in our teachers' souls and our students' as well. The most important thing is the feeling to become a part of a Global Community and while preparing for the implementation of international projects, we got acquainted with other countries' projects and active work in civil life of the community. We learned various on-line tools together with our students and collaborated tightly with other teachers and colleagues, scavenged through different materials in order to fulfill the given task and meet the conditions. That was a really interesting challenge to face. My students feel so happy and their self-esteem grew immensely, due to the fact that they saw they worked hard and they felt proud of themselves. It discovered new world visions and made us definitely agree to participate in future projects from the iEARN world."

Emma Matreniuc, iEARN teacher, "Access Microscholarship Program", Edinet

It was a great pleasure to engage my students in the international iEARN projects, discovering the best efficient teaching strategies ever. First of all I want to mention that I was very glad to work and collaborate with other iEARN teachers from around the world, having thus the possibility to involve my students in iEARN projects: "My Hero" and "One Day in the Life" which encouraged them to become global citizens since iEARN tackle important global issues and seek for definite solutions from the youth part across the globe. Furthermore, it was a strong basis for students in communicative skills and in improving their English language skills as they were engaged in cross-cultural dialogue with their peers from different parts of the world. They also got valuable insights into various cultures. Inviting my students to participate in "My Hero" Project, convinced me how useful l it was, because it helped to develop the abilities of writing a coherent text in English, applying their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, arranging a text and images on the page, reading and recording a text using the digital tools, learned how to formulate and express their opinions, both orally and in writing, took photos, created a movie, selecting the suitable images; learned how to use a blog. All these activities contributed to the development of linguistic, communicative, cultural, interdisciplinary, civic and methodological (digital) skills, increasing students’ imagination, creativity and critical thinking. Involving my students in the Project "One Day in the Life" they received the chance to exchange photographs/images describing days in their lives, and then make cross-cultural comparisons. Students had the opportunity to discuss aspects of a typical day (like visiting the market or going to school) or document special days (like vacations, birthdays, celebrations, or holidays.) Although writing is often an important component of student participation, in this case, English proficiency was not required, a thing that encouraged students to participate and that allowed them improve their English.

Mariana Gorbuli, iEARN Master Teacher, "Access Microscholarship Program", Balti

Mariana Gorbuli
Mariana Gorbuli
Nicoleta Suruceanu
”I have just received my Coursera certificate and I am proud of my great achievement! I am so grateful to the organizers and facilitators that I was part of this project which improved my English and contributed to my personal development! I have already recommended my friends to enroll in this useful course and I shared with them my beautiful experience! I really enjoyed all assignments from this online course because it was interactive, comprehensible, practical and applicable. This is what we can't see in traditional courses taught in Moldovan schools which don't focus so much on applicability and development of critical thinking. I think online teaching is very useful and accessible to everyone who wants to learn new things and broaden his/her perspectives.”

Nicoleta Suruceanu (Cahul)

”This course was really informative for me! I have never heard about bias and I was curious to learn about types of bias: by placement, by spin and by omission. Now I try to use this knowledge in my daily life. Also in this course we learn not only about media, but also grammar, which is a very important and necessary detail. Thank you very much for this opportunity!”

Tanya Neicovcen (Cantemir)

Tanya Neicovchen
Nicolae Chimerciuc
”I would like to thank all of You for a very interesting and useful experience. Taking into account that we live in a very young and fragile democracy, the knowledge you shared with us is extremely important which may help us in the future analyze media messages more professionally, get reliable information and finally, form an objective opinion and come to the right decision. The course structure was comprehensible and interactive. I would like to express my special gratitude to the US Department of State and the US Embassy for this opportunity to become more media literate.”

Nicolae Chimerciuc (Chisinau)

”It was a great experience to be part of this project. Lesson by lesson everything was very interesting and easy. I learned what Media Literacy is and I also understood how to analyze and interpret media messages through guided questions. I became familiar with the two types of media: traditional and social media and how to compare these two types of media. I understood what an advertisement is and how they are used. Now I am able to recognize the ways in which the Internet has changed advertisements. I heard for the first time about BIAS and what it was. Thanks to good examples offered I can identify different types of BIAS in media sources now. I became familiar with the ways in which the media portray different groups, to recognize and to be able to use different negatives. I am grateful to my facilitator, Alexandru Covtun. He is the best. All the best for all of you!!”

Olga Juravschi (Anenii Noi)

Olga Juravschi
”I would like to share some advantages of the course English for Media Literacy which I have reasoned on my own. The course content is very clearly presented and the technical part is also very easy to handle. The content of the course is really up-to-date and useful and students can learn all the information independently. Students can improve their grades by retaking quizzes or assignments as many times as they want. Any problem can be solved by using the Help Center and the course can be completed any time suitable for the student. There are no penalties for being late with assignments and there is always the possibility to save time with the great option: Switch Sessions.There are no evaluations or exams - just interesting games and assignments.”

Liliana Colodeeva (Cahul)